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Midweek Cricket

Rules of the All Wales Sport Midweek League
1. Each innings shall consist of 20 overs per side.
2. No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs.
3. 10 points will be awarded for a win.
4. 5 points will be awarded for a tied result.
5. 5 points will be awarded for an abandoned game.
6. Teams having to cancel a game due to weather conditions must inform their opponents by 4pm on the match day.
7.  In the event of a match being cancelled due to any other reason, the non-offending club shall be awarded 16 points and their opponents will be deducted 10 points.
8. Abandoned or cancelled matches will not be replayed.
9. 1 bonus point will be awarded for every 25 runs scored (max 5 pts)
10. 1 bonus point will be awarded for every 2 wickets taken.
11 Any dispute shall be submitted and received in writing no later than 3 days after match to All Wales Sport via email to 
12. The decision of the organisers whether catered for nor not in these rules shall be final and binding on all participants.
13. Teams participating in the competition shall be deemed to have accepted the above league rules.

For any further information please contact